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Dear Busy Single Parent,
Who Is Taking Care of You?

Busy Single Parents and Care of Self

I recognize that Busy Single Parents struggle with finding time to take care of self. As someone who can relate being a teen parent, a single parent, parent advocate and parenting educator for over 14 years. I am passionate about providing strategies, tools and resources that will help Busy Single Parents to show up and thrive in a positive and healthy manner for self, first! 

To the many organizations who hire single parents, are you taking in to consideration the value add single parents bring to your stakeholders, clients, their peers and your bottom line? Most single parents are loyal to their employer, because they can't provide the livestyle they desire for their children without a decent salary. Busy Single Parents are already earning less than half of what most married two income working families are earning. Are you providing the encouragement, tools and resources
they need to thrive.

To the BSP what does all that MIASpeaks provide Iook like? It is easier than most think. It is taken 7 seconds to breathe! Inhale 1-2-3-4; hold 1-2-3-4; exhale 1-2-3-4! It is eating healthy foods! It is going outside and walking, jogging or playing. It is being still and listening to that inner you who has been telling you for years to take a break! Relax! You keep on keeping on thinking the infamous single parent sayings like: "if I don't do it, ain't no one going to do it", "can't nobody do it like I can!"or my favorite "if its to be, its up to me!" Have you ever stopped and thought long enough about what gets done when you can not do it?

Let MIASpeaks help you, or the busy single parent in your life, or organization thrive by being their best self to themselves first, their legacy second and everyone else third!

This African-American father was shown in the process of teaching his young daughter how to properly wash her hands at their kitchen sink, briskly rubbing her soapy hands together under fresh running tap water, in order to remove germs, and contaminants, thereby, reducing the spread of pathogens, and the ingestion of environmental chemicals or toxins. Children are taught to recite the Happy Birthday song, during hand washing, allotting enough time to completely clean their hands.


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What I liked most about this parenting class were the topics, interactions (group activities) and the instructor. Ms Mia has great energy and is a very positive individual."

Parenting Workshop

Non-Profit Executive

”This training will help me to be a better spouse and parent! I will apply the information to my life today!” 

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